Christmas Vegan gifts

Christmas is in full swing with gift giving being an intricate part of the holiday season. We found that the biggest obstacle when it comes to finding gifts for others is time. If you have a vegan in your life, this task might seem even more complicated!

Need some Christmas Vegan gifts? We’ve got a whole bunch of Vegan cruelty free gift ideas you can shop right now. Explore hundreds of ideas at Kynd Pirates!

“Drink More Water” bottle

This  “Drink More Water” bottle is clear and features  an easy hold section and a lemon squeezer. So whether you need a water bottle for down the gym or at work, this one is a must have.


2.  Essential Oils

Wondering what essential oils would do great as a gift? This is out top 7 Essential Oils that would do great as a gift to friends and family

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3. Vegan brushes

Synthetic brushes are animal hair-free, so if being vegan is your thing, pick up some super-pretty brushes like these ones

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Kynd Aroma Candles

4. Candles

Some candles aren’t vegan as they’re made with beeswax, but these Natural Aroma Candles are Based on 100% Soy Wax and essential oils. Plus they’re organic. And what can be a better gift to create a Christmas mood?

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5. Vegan Leather Tote

100% Vegan Leather Tote that looks real, It might not be Céline, but the quality is high and it’s the right size for work!

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"Pirates" Travel Satchels

6. Ethical Satchel

The perfect gift for someone who loves adventure, this ethically sourced practical Satchel. It is washable and is large enough to fit a laptop and all your daily bits and pieces.

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7.  Vegan Soap

There are some great homemade vegan soaps with several nourishing olive formulas, including chamomile, lavender, green tea, and others!

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Lavender, Almond Milk & White Clay Soap Bar
Anti-Acne Set

8. Self-Care

Pamper you skin and get cruelty- free self-care products! They are really gentle on sensitive skin, and there are also special formulas for acne-prone skin.

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9. Vegan Organic beauty basket

KYND organic body care Basket is an Awesome gift for anyone who loves to be pampered.

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KYND Organic body care Basket

10. Christmas Cotton Socks

If you have trouble deciding what to get your friends on the nice list, well we might have a little magic product. It’s a “Christmas Spirit” Cotton Socks Set!
Here are the reasons why socks make the best Christmas gift:

1) It’s practical and cute

2) Its warm and fuzzy like Christmas!!

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11. Natural Tooth Paste

Give the gift of a glowing smile with this natural whitening tooth paste. All the ingredients and materials are ethically sourced and cruelty-free as well being good for the environment with biodegradable packaging.

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Natural Toothpaste

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