Why Designer Brands are Choosing Vegan Leather

Today consumers are a lot more conscious of the ethics of what they’re purchasing. The approach of fashion is High on the list, which is accountable for the care of the environment and the people who make the products. And this is where Designer Brands and vegan leather comes in.

Estimated by the Grand View Research that the global vegan leather industry is to be worth $85 billion by 2025. Just to compare, global sports footwear is currently valued at $90.4 billion.

Designer Brands Vegan Leather

Types of Vegan Leather

There are various materials which are considering to be vegan that can replace the animal leather and the process of production that doesn’t involve animals. Here is a list of vegan leathers:

  1. Piñatex
  2. Cork leather
  3. Mushroom Leather
  4. Biofabricated leather
  5. Microfibre Leather
  6. Polyurethane

Whilst they have been around for some time, many vegan leather options have often looked cheap and wouldn’t last. Now innovators have the technology to create durable, high-quality alternatives that are often preferable to animal leather.

Designer Brands Vegan Leather

The demand for animal-free leather goods rises due to the fashion industry being one of the most polluting industries in the world. Animal leather can be singled out as one of the main contributors. This is especially noticeable with cheap leather, which represents the majority of leather in the market.

The negative impact of animal leather on the environment from the use of hazardous chemicals to dye the leather and the release of toxic wastewater from tanneries into local rivers are just some of the examples. With the rise of the concerns in society over environmental and treatment of animals, it is expected the use of animal leather to decline in sectors such as footwear, furniture, and automotive companies.

Designer Brands Vegan Leather

The damage caused by animal leather isn’t just to the animals and environmental. In many cases, the people who work with leather and live next to the leather tanneries have the biggest price to pay. They are proven to be at high risk of cancers and other diseases. Where as vegan leather is actually about the protection of basic human rights.

It has been reported that animal rights is one of the biggest reasons behind the increase of popularity of vegan leathers. It has been estimated that over the last 10 years the number of British vegans and vegetarians increased by 360%. Plus the Numbers of people who eat meat but are against animal cruelty. Its not really a surprise why the fashion industries are becoming vegan.

Designer Brands Vegan Leather


Animal leather has been used for centuries, but it has been made clear that the use of it is destroying the environment. This why Designer Brands are Choosing Vegan Leather. This trend shows that consumers are caring more and more about the consequences of what they wear.

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